Speech and drama are expressive forms of communication that use language, voice, and body language to convey meaning and engage the audience. In a Speech & Drama course, learners will learn to master the art of effective oral communication which encompasses skills such as articulation, intonation, inflection, pitch, pacing and pausing. Not only that, the students will gain emotional intelligence and have improved critical thinking skills.

In Blubricks Melaka, we abide by the curriculum from Trinity College London Examinations.

What do learners learn in this course?

Learners will be introduced to the world of acting, miming, storytelling and poetry recitation. Younger learners will learn the basics of presentation which are clarity and the 5Ps (Pitch, Pace, Pause, Power and Projection) through various class activities such as games and warm-ups.

Older learners will progress to learning to analyse a plethora of literature pieces from poetry to monologues to stories. Analysing different literature pieces allow learners to understand the message and emotion that is portrayed by the author/writer. Learners will gain better emotional intelligence and improve their critical thinking skills. 

Learners can showcase their performance in the Trinity Exams. Learners are given the opportunity to display their skills through our mini showcases, small and large-scale productions as well as international competition such as Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF).

Suitable for

Learners aged 5 years and above.

Mode of Learning

Online/ Face-to-face

Benefits of enrolling in our Speech & Drama course

  • Enhances communication skills

Our Speech & Drama courses provide a platform for developing effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including clarity, articulation, voice presentation and body language These skills are transferable and useful in a variety of personal and professional settings.

  • Boosts confidence

By performing in front of others, receiving constructive feedback, and building self-esteem, Speech & Drama classes help boost confidence and overcome stage fright or public speaking anxiety

  • Develop presentation skills

Speech & Drama courses equip individuals with the skills to deliver engaging presentations. Students learn techniques for organizing content, drawing attention, and effectively using voice changes and gestures.

  • Fosters creativity and expression

The courses foster creativity by encouraging students to explore different characters, events and narratives. They provide a safe space for expression, allowing individuals to develop their unique voices and artistic talents.

  • Improves body language and non-verbal communication

In our Speech & Drama courses, learners learn the importance of body language, facial expressions and gestures to improve communication. They become aware of their physical presence and learn to express meaning beyond words.

  • Develop critical thinking skills 

In our Speech & Drama course, our learners learn to analyse literature pieces. Through analysing, learners will learn to appreciate the piece and have a strong understanding of the theme and mood of the piece. In Blubricks Melaka, we establish a learning method which emphasises on critical thinking skills through guided classroom discussion. For weaker learners, we guide to develop critical thinking through visualisation of the literature pieces being taught.


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