Public speaking is the art of effectively communicating a message or statement to an audience. It involves the skilful use of words, tone of voice, body language, and nonverbal cues to engage, inform, persuade, or entertain an audience. Public speaking is a powerful tool for sharing ideas, influencing others, and fostering meaningful communication. Delivering a confident and effective talk requires careful preparation, planning, and participation. Public speaking builds confidence, sharpens communication skills, and enhances one’s ability to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly. It empowers individuals to express themselves, inspire others, and become effective leaders. Public speaking to a small group or large audience allows one to deliver one’s message with confidence, grab attention and leave a lasting impression. 

What do learners learn in this course?

This course is a foundational course before stepping up to the Communication Skills course. In this course, learners will learn the foundations of presentation and persuasive skills through a variety of activities such as impromptu presentations. 

Suitable for

Learners aged 8 to 10 years

Mode of Learning


Reasons to enrol your child in this course

  • Overcoming fear and apprehension

Public speaking classes provide an environment that helps individuals overcome stage fright and gain confidence to speak in front of an audience. Through sequential exposure and guidance, students learn strategies for managing anxiety and delivering lectures comfortably.

  • Enhance communication skills

Public speaking classes focus on improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Students learn to express ideas clearly, use effective body language, and engage and engage audiences with their voices. 

  • Developing the Power of Persuasion

Public speaking classes teach the art of persuasion. Students learn how to structure and present compelling arguments, use rhetorical devices, and appeal to the emotions and perceptions of audiences to influence their thinking and actions.

  • Develop presentation skills

Public speaking classes help students develop effective presentation skills. They learn how to organize content, create engaging visuals, and give powerful presentations that are fluent, structured, and memorable.

  • Enhance professional opportunities

Strong public speaking skills are highly valued in many professional settings. Enrolling in public speaking classes can enhance job prospects by improving interview performance, building confidence in professional presentations, and improving communication with colleagues, those who order and the ability of stakeholders to communicate.

  • Enhance leadership skills

Public speaking is a cornerstone of effective leadership. By enrolling in a public speaking class, individuals develop leadership skills to inspire and motivate others, command attention, and articulate a complex vision


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