Jolly Phonics/English

What is Jolly Phonics?

Through Jolly Phonics, children learn to identify different sounds so that they can read them and eventually write them. There are 26 letters in the alphabet but modern English uses about 44 different sounds so it may be hard to pronounce a word just from its spelling. Phonetics gets around this by looking at the actual sounds that make up a word and not how it is spelt.

What do learners learn in this course?

For this course, we believe it is the best that playing is the best form of learning. In the first half of the course, learners will be exposed to the world of phonics through songs and movements. As the course advances, learners will dive into the world of grammar where they will explore verbs, silent letters, pronouns, infinitives and the list goes on. 

Suitable for

Learners aged 4 to 5 years

Mode of Learning


Reasons to enrol your child in Jolly Phonics

  • Helps children decipher words

When children master these sounds, they will learn to read with ease. Then, they will be able to decode words they have never encountered before. This will boost their reading confidence.

  • Expands a child's vocabulary

Phonics is a foundation for learning new words as they combine the different sounds to form a solid word. Children will be able to obtain whole-word recognition skills. This will make them fast readers.

  • Boost writing ability

Children's writing skills will improve quickly when they learn combinations of letters that create sounds in words that they write.

  • Develops strong thinking skills

Research has shown that phonics-trained students are better at thinking critically. Children will be able to develop logic, reasoning and analysis skills which altogether makes them stronger thinkers.


  • Teacher Vicky
  • Teacher Minalie
  • Teacher Esther
  • Teacher Lovenia
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