Communication Skills is a skillset highly sought in today's workforce. It is the key to living in this modern world. These skills involve persuasion and negotiation skills.

In Blubricks Melaka, we abide by the curriculum from Trinity College London Examinations.

What do learners learn in this course?

Throughout the course, learners will gain skills that are in high demand in the workforce such as persuasion skills, critical thinking, presentation skills and effective writing skills.

Learners will learn these skills through various fun and challenging activities such as debate competitions, impromptu presentations and persuasion activities. 

Learners will be given many opportunities to display their skills through the Trinity Examinations. They are also given the chance to showcase what they have learnt through fund-raising activities organized by us such as the Pitch It! event (2016,2018). Not only that, learners are given the opportunity to apply their skills in international competitions such as the Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF).

Suitable for

Students aged 7 to 20 years

Mode of Learning


Importance of Communication Skills

  • Higher Self-Esteem

When one is involved in a job that involves persuasion, negotiation and presentation; their self-esteem will increase drastically making them more approachable. This will give a good outlook to the individual when socialising with people.

  • Develops Leadership Skills

A good communicator tends to be given roles that connect allies of a squad demanding efficiency and success in a project. To be a leader of a team is to be entrusted with authority that is meant to be used wisely. By constantly having the experience of being a leader, one will continue to enhance their leadership skills.

  •  Improves understanding of human nature and needs

People who speak in public gain an understanding of what others feel and need. With experience, the communicator will be able to seamlessly connect with the other party that he/she is discussing with or even a group of audience. This would be an advantage if the person is working in a corporate environment as he/she will be able to quickly understand client needs.

  •   Skilled communicators earn well

It is obvious that when someone is really good at communicating, they will gain more success in closing deals with clients using their negotiation and persuasion skills.


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  • Teacher Aida
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  • Teacher Hani
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