ANNA - Dec 2019

ANNA is our first major production involving more than 50 casts and crew ranging from 5 to 18 years old. None of our learners have any experience in any production. It is a challenge for a first-time director and first-time actors because everyone is learning something different together.

This musical is loosely based on the life story of Anna Leonowens who was the governess to the Prince of Siam, Prince Chulalongkorn. The story focuses on Anna's life as an adult in India briefly before she accepts an assignment from the British Indian Company to run a school in Singapore. Anna has a dark secret that she keeps from her son, Louis but an encounter with a local girl named Aashita, who also has her own 'demons' to fight, forces her to reconsider her decision. 

Halloween Performance - Oct 2019

Our talented learners were invited to perform the 'Demon Dance' in Hard Rock Cafe Melaka for Halloween. Our educators play a role in helping the learners prepare for their big performance. We planned everything from the choreography to costumes to hair and makeup.

Cultural Performance in Encore Melaka - July 2019

Our learners were given the honour to showcase a Modern Indian dance to the public in Encore Melaka for the Cultural Night event. Our students and teachers collaborated to produce the choreography and costumes.

Grease and Land of Stories - 2015

This is one of our previous smaller productions. The productions is divided into two; Grease for the Communication Skills learners and Land of Stories for the Speech and Drama learners. Both productions were aimed to raise funds for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).