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  1. Banning the books isn't the answer. This book just made 19 more people aware that this sick practice is being promoted. Better to engage with and confront the people and cultures (and cults*) that are perpetrating this warped pr*eeice.aFtcl free to pun further.

  2. : merci de ce point de vue et de ce témoignage de votre expérience. 100% d’accord sur la difficulté de mesurer le ROI d’un bon ou d’un mauvais management et les problèmes que cela pose.

  3. Until I found this I thought I’d have to spend the day inside.

  4. Honestly the book is amazing it not only covers acne but also dandruff, excema * forgive me If I spelt that incorrectly*, roscea, anti aging, cellulite * I don’t think I spelt that right either haha* etc.Fortunately for me Roactune didn’t leave me with two many side effects only really dry skin and cracked lips.

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  10. But don’t get me wrong, I do like Capitalism per say, just not the current manifestation we seem to be afflicted with. Its probably going to take a rather cathartic event to unhinge the populous sufficiently so they generate the required level of voice, quite possibly action as well. its prevalent already in some sectors, you need only look to Europe to see how well capitalism can treat the general person. Typically, when the shit rolls down hill its those on the lower rungs of the ladder that get smeared or covered, as we have seen and noted.

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  14. Tea Drinker of America unite! lol Not much of a coffee drinker here…but you can find good tea if you look for it. I think you are right about books being more universal. I loved the HP series and the Millennium Trilogy. It will be interesting to see how the American films compare to the originals and the books.And I didn’t know that you ate beans for breakfast!

  15. aaron80- pretty much my opinion on your post was written on 68 and yeah, i agree it is nice to argue on who is the guy we should run our offense through when we can’t exploit the defense at any one position.

  16. / Ian, you may want to check the gospels. Jesus cared Most about saving souls from going to Hell. Period. That is what is meant by the term SAVIOR. For this reason he established a Church and gave it His authority. The fight over the symbols of this message is, in the last analysis, a fight over preserving the message, not the symbol. But having graduated from ND as i did, Im sure you are intelligent enough to figure that out.

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  21. Oh! You would be the perfect person to ask! I lost my pup a few months ago and am missing having a doggie in my life. I've always loved boxers but never owned one.. obviously you're crazy about them… what are their positives and negatives (if any!)

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  35. Ich habe alle zusammen, aber bei der Nr. 7 beiße ich mir seit Ostern die Zähne aus. Als dänische Schauspielerin fällt mir nur Asta nielsen ein, aber in der Biographie finde ich nichts, was zu der Beschreibung passen würde. Habt Ihr noch einen anderen Tip? Danke im Voraus

  36. Lembro-me desse Mundial. Um show de bola do Brasil e da França, uma vitória da Itália no máximo do calculismo. Grande Sócrates estava a passar um mau bocado pelo que tinha lido ultimamente. Que descanse em paz.

  37. My roommate and I dealt with a period of conflict (4 years of best friendship is totally worth it!), and it was between my value of honesty and hers of kindness. I am sure that one comes up a lot!

  38. "Especially, are these "Sea Peoples" precisely the Phoenicians, or are they someone else?"From what I understand, the Sea Peoples were Indo-European. Probably like the Vikings in their long boats, only 2000 years earlier and in the Mediterranean. Not that the Vikings didn't raid in the Mediterranean. They did, it just wasn't their main focus.

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  41. Congratulations! So very excited for you. I'm due next week and have been very sick this time around – I hope the nausea goes away for you soon. And it is tough when you have a toddler. I'm not sure how people do it! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!

  42. I would've been standing in line at Waldenbooks at midnight for the newest Sweet Valley High book to be released if people did such things back then. I was that kind of fan. What would they have called us? Sweet-hards? No, that sounds a little racey. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. *removing my Reebok high tops with 2 velcro straps and scrunchy socks now*

  43. I love seeing your photos! This is a special treat for me since my great-grandfather came from Ireland. Thank you for posting on my blog and welcome anytime!May you and your family have a very special Christmas!

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  48. Oh I lovelove those shirts! When you tweeted about them I went to that shop and picked out several, but I’ll have to wait a bit before I can buy them, haha. They look so comfy though!

  49. What a joy to find someone else who thinks this way.

  50. Great representation of the Maiden Japan line up!!!This was the second Maiden I bought,I love the aggressiveness of the songs,I mean who woulda thunk as a fan at the time that Paul D was getting his pink slip,I as a 14 yr old at the time sure didn’t know,I mean at the time bands did not change lead singers ,except forAC DC( we all know why) I think was the big band at the time,sure members were fired(Peter Criss) or quit(Mr Frehley) but as a whole ,not lead singers in metal anyway…..Excellent swan song for Paulie D….4.5/5 …minus a half a point for only 5 songs….!

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  62. Well, if you re-read some old post here you get the impression that you where not certain but positive that the outcome would be in favor of Capriles.In none of the posts I read here there was mentioned that the supporters of Chavez would be so committed to their cause. Chavez won by more than a small margin and won in states like zulia? You did not predict that or did you?

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  65. First of all, you rock – you can totally do this thing freelance if you want to! Second, congratulations on making this decision. I have never known you “sans Newcastle,” but it sure SEEMS like it was taking a bit of the fun out of things for you. WAY TO GO!

  66. Monsieur Erre, bien que non-membre du FN, je me permets, puisque je vous ai là, de transmettre mon bonjour à votre femme, un modèle de courage qui suscite l’admiration.

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  75. SHANE!It is so good to see that you have arrived there safe! What a great experience…scary…but great to experience another culture. I am so excited that you have a blog, and can’t wait to read about your experiences. Keep us posted!

  76. Constructive:Let me explain something to you and then I’m through talking to you. It is better to obey God than man,you are not my God, and you are not God. Therefore, I do not take my guidance from you on how to handle a situation or treat anyone and that includes you. BTW, there is nothing wrong with my spiritual eye and you can bet life on that. Prophetess Wallace had you pegged right!

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  90. The guy’s fighting for law and order and you’re all obsessed because he had Jewish relatives.Given the extent of the French problem with disaffected and criminal Muslim youths, I’m wondering if he’s considering call in the IDF.

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  96. Brilliant photos Casie. I studied photography in high school, but definately have Jedi skills. I really dig the focus work. PS- Ditch the KC hat and get a Yankees hat ! Happy Holidays – !

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