Communication Skills


What is it?

Blubricks Melaka takes pride in helping students to build up confidence by teaching them effective communications skills. With English as our main medium of communication, we ensure that our students can perform at international standards without any language barrier. Armed with great confidence, great communication skills and the ability to communicate in English Blubricks Achievers developed into great Public Speakers, Debaters and Story Tellers.

A great communicator should be able to change the emotions of their listener, not just inform them. An effective public speaker must do proper research, have a well informed opinion and be able to express that opinion persuasively and with conviction.
By using Trinity College London syllabus, the Communication Skills program is structured to improve the following vital skills:

  • Research Skills
  • Effective Listening Skills
  • News & Current Affairs Reading and Analysis
  • Presentation Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Opinion and Idea Development