Blubricks Melaka Showcase 2015

22 Nov 2015, Blubricks Melaka Achievers performed in front of 300 audience at Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre. First, 120 cute Junior Blubricks Achievers came on stage to show their talent in acting with their performance “Land of Stories”. Later the senior Blubricks Achievers rock the stage with their edition of “Grease”.

The purpose of the showcase was to provide a platform for all the Blubricks Achiever’s to showcase their hidden talents and to raise funds for National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM Melaka) and Persatuan KANNER Melaka. The event raised an awareness about children with autism.

Grease Lighting                                                   Summer Nights

Sandy                                                                 Hopelessly devoted to you

You’re the one that I want


Scene 1                                                               Scene 2

Scene 3                                                               Scene 4

Scene 5                                                              Scene 6

Scene 7                                                              Scene 8

Scene 9                                                              Scene 10

Land of Stories

Scene 1                                                             Scene 2

Scene 3                                                               Scene 4

Scene 5                                                                Scene 6

Scene 7                                                                Scene 8

Scene 9                                                               Scene 10