BlubricksMelaka Debate Workshop by Marvin

11th Jan 2016

“This house strongly believes that Sarah should not take part in the debate workshop”. I concur the statement. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Malaysian refugee policy and a 14 year old girl? Yup, that’s right. Absolutely nothing. But unfortunately that was exactly the topic Mr. Marvin wanted us to debate about. Oh, what a nightmare for us kids, mere 12-15 years olds! I mean what does policy even mean? Do we even need a policy for refugees? This is really going to be hard for all of us.



We had to do our own research with hardly any guideline to help us. We prayed that the debate competition would go on successfully. We searched for information about refugees, policies of different countries including our own country. It was really stressful and at the end of each day my friends and I would be mentally exhausted. But although it was very tiring we all learned something new each day and personally I discovered the ability in me that I never knew was there. That is the ability to debate. We were all beginning to see the benefit of the debate workshop.


Finally the day arrived. Our friends and parents came in to watch us so we were anxious because we wanted to show our parents how much we had learnt throughout our 3 day debate workshop. We were forced to debate with our fellow friends and I felt really weird because we all did our research together but at that moment we all felt like we were all real opponents. After 1 hour of debating we finally came in to a conclusion. My team and I were delightfully surprised when we found out that all our hard work payed off as we emerged as the winning team. We thought that the opposing team did very well and we were honoured to have them as opponents. Our parents were all very impressed by our argument because again, what is the difference between the Malaysian refugee policy and a 14 year old girl? Absolutely nothing.



Sarah Siaw Hui Xia

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