Blubricks Melaka 2015 Showcase – Land Of Stories

11th Jan 2016

From Backstage to Front Stage

 Ba Dum! Ba Dum! Ba Dum! That’s the sound of the anxiety, nervousness and excitement in the backstage changing room of the performers. 22 November 2015 was a day unlike any other. It was the second BluBricks Melaka showcase, and it was a day where two original productions meet the crowd. Land of Stories was an original creativity written by the Principal of BluBricks, Ms Adeline Ong. It follows the adventure of Jack and Jill, as they traveled through the conjoined realms of Wonderland and Land of Oz.

too much cuteness in one place!

too much cuteness in one place!



There, the siblings met characters of both stories, ranging from the Cheshire Cat to the Wicked Witch of West. Hand in hand they battle the hardships and obstacles thrown in their way, and hand in hand they triumph the difficulties with an unlikely group of companions to find their way home.

Move over Helena Bonham Carter...There is a new Queen of Hearts in town!

Move over Helena Bonham Carter…There is a new Queen of Hearts in town!

   Since the juniors have staged such a fascinating and splendid show, the seniors couldn’t be left behind. 4 months of trainings paid off as the cast of Grease the Musical got the crowd cheering and laughing with their acts and dances. Grease the Musical was a revamp of the original creation back in 1950s, and the entire team went through lengths in order to put on a good show.



From harsh dance training to intense acting classes, and from a full-scale photo shoot to arduous search for the classic costumes, parents, teachers and performers stood together to ensure that the magical day was a success. And lo behold, it was! That particular Sunday is one none of the team will be able to forget, as we strike poses and smile for the blinding flashlights that came in torrents after the show. It was indeed, as they would say, a day of brilliance and beauty.



Gan Xiao Tian

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