Blubricks Melaka 2015 Showcase – Grease

11th Jan 2016

Go grease lightning , you’re burning up the quarter mile

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I  love musicals but never in a million years would I have imagined starring in one myself. When my teacher first introduced the all time favorite musical, Grease, I thought, ” was this even English”. Yeap, we all messed up bad at first because the slang used was foreign to us. Yolo, swag, it was nothing of that sort. It was a 50’s era movie so you can imagine how far back that was. But, it was fun being teleported back to that era.

Could they get any dapper!?

Could they get any dapper!?


with the mad genius behind it all…Teacher the best!

I was very much excited being able to play the role of an annoying baddie Patty. Patty, a hyped up cheerleader tries to like everyone but everyone just doesn’t like Patty. She’s that girl that self invites herself to basically everything, pretty annoying. One thing I learned, the ladies were all about attitude and sass and the guys were all about swag and staying cool at all times. What the whole cast felt most challenging was understanding their characters as well as  the whole teen romance back in those days. Starting with Danny who’s a bad boy and a ladies man played by Eric and Shane who basically falls in love with Sandy, an all time goodie two shoes played by Sarah, but they  eventually break up through a series of misunderstandings. In the end, an  attempt to win each others hearts, Danny and Sandy makes a change in their personalities. At such a young age, it was challenging for these three to build the chemistry between each other just as if it was actual love. Trying not to seem wacky or unprofessional, it was tough and hilarious as well.


Putting romance aside, “how did those Pink Ladies survive walking in tight fitting outfits and high heels”.Us girls were literally dying just by learning how to walk in those killer shoes till we rather have sneakers on. Having blisters and cuts while doing the jive, it was not pretty at all. Not to mention how those tight fitting outfits were barely breathable. Even the guys had a tough time jazzing to Grease Lightning in those tight killer pants, trying not to rip them.  It was no doubt how the 18 inch waistlines came about. I was even starting to feel mine for a first.

...awesome promo photoshoot at FatBoy's Burger Bar Melaka...

awesome promo photo at FatBoy’s Burger Bar Melaka

It was challenging and tiring, no doubt, but ask any of the cast and crew if this was a memorable experience? Definite yes. What makes this production a memorable one to me? Personally, It’s how my friends and I had such a great time together despite how tiring it was. And maybe fooling around just to ease things up for us, which got us into huge trouble. But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy indeed. I had such a good time that I was even starting to miss it right after that final bow. Cheers to such an amazing cast and crew that given a chance, I would relive this entire production with them once again.


grease lightning!


Natasha Tan

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