Teachers Profile

Aida Shauki Hashimi
Nurul Atiqah Roslee

Elaine Wong
Speech and Drama Instructor
Elaine is a degree holder in Business Administration from Multimedia University, Melaka. She had been actively involving in youth activities and also community services that involves children and youths during her early adulthood. She has a heart for the next generation, thus always exposing herself in different areas of child development. Now, having 3 beautiful girls of her own, she strives to provide the best environment to enhance the development of her children. As she believes that a child’s life is like a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled with colours. Hence, she lives by her motto which is “Life is colourful.” She feels the importance of exposing a child in many different environments, teaching them life skills that will equip and prepare them for the competitive world. Her dedications and commitments to the next generation lead her into being a Speech and Drama teacher in Blubricks Melaka. She agrees that through speech and drama, a child’s self-confidence will be greatly influenced. She is privileged to assist in producing a charity event, “The Magical Journey to Enchantia” in 2013. This event was a huge success in the community of Melaka where it raised a substantial amount of money to rebuild a secondary school toilet facility. She has contributed to the success of many events held in Blubricks Melaka since 2013. She loves doing what she does, as she believes that she adds on colours in the children and parents life. She finds great satisfaction when a child finds joy, confidence and being comfortable to communicate with others.
Aida Shauki Hashimi
Speech & Drama / Creative Writing Teacher
Aida Shauki Hashimi has worked as an English Language lecturer for almost 15 years in various higher education institutions. Her passion for the performing arts, however, has brought her to Blubricks Melaka where she is currently teaching Speech and Drama, and Creative Writing classes. She strongly believes that drama is an essential part of a child's development, both socially and educationally. During her free time, Aida enjoys reading anything under the sun, and developing herself further in drama teaching techniques.
Vikniswary A/p Vadamalai
Speech & Drama Teacher
Hi! i'm teacher Vicky and I teach Speech and Drama to the young ones at Blubricks Malacca. I have a diploma in Learning Disability and Early childhood. I love teaching children with this special abilities because they are creative and ambitious to learn new things. This children make teaching fun and challenging for me. I have been in the field of teaching children with learning disability for more than 5 years(personal tutor). My hobbies are listening to music , reading any written text about children' behavior and education and my most favorite hobby is watching "cartoons". I' am very great full to be in this field where everyone is benefiting from each other.
Cherilyn Yee Chuen Sinn
Speech & Drama Teacher
Cherilyn always believes that self-confidence and self-development are the keys to success but passion is the Golden Key to transform dreams into reality. She stands firmly to the principal of having the right attitude, passion and commitment to achieve goals. At the age of 5, she had developed her interest for stage performance and was trained to perform a variety of traditional cultural dances for various school events and charity dinner. By the age of 10, she was the school representative for several storytelling and public speaking competition. Her active involvement in co-curricular activities in school by holding top positions had further driven her confidence in leading a portfolio at a young age. Having a leadership role in her early years has contributed to her current career as a part-time Effective Communication Teacher at BluBricks Melaka. Besides that, she is also a UK Bachelor Degree holder in Accounting & Finance and currently works as a Finance Executive at Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre. With a deep passion her heart, Cherilyn wishes to inspire more people to believe in their dreams and never give up easily as building one’s confidence is always possible through speech and drama.
Kelsey Wee Chie Shin
Speech & Drama Teacher
Kelsey majors in Psychology and has an interest in theories, research area and development especially when it comes to children. Currently, she is involved in the community of special needs. She has had the privilege of interacting and further understanding individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome. She realised that various therapies including play therapy is important when it comes to aiding these special children which then lead her to pick up Drama. At present, she is in charge of teaching drama to a class of 5-6 year old in BluBricks Melaka. She believes that children should be encouraged to express themselves starting from a young age to build stronger characters in the future. Being new in this area of Drama, she admits that there are so much more to learn but she is excited to be on this roller coaster ride.